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When you think of Nepal, you think of Everest and all the highest mountains in the world. When you think of all these highest mountains, you think of adventures. Now, isn't that a beautiful thought?

Whether you like adventure or cultural experience, Nepal has enough to satisfy you. The Himalayas stretch through Nepal covering extremely varied terrain, all of which is quite accessible. You can trek in the highest areas of the Himalayas, raft through stunning glacial rivers, and trek through villages and terraces of back country Nepal.

If you are here for a short period of time there are options for you. There is a mountain flight designed to give you a peek of Everest. You can also spend your time hiking or mountain biking in and around the beautiful Kathmandu valley. You can journey to the Chitwan National Park and experience the jungle with its elephants, rhinos, and perhaps even tigers. Pokhara will charm you with its beautiful lake. With the desired itinerary you will find it well received in Nepal and by Dal Bhat Power (DBP) Adventures Pvt. Ltd.

We offer

1. Hiking

2. Trekking

3. Package trip itineraries

4. Bus tickets

5. Paragliding

6. Rafting

7. Mountain flights and much more....

We have several well-trained and experienced adventure specialists from all corners of Nepal with different ethnic backgrounds. They are ready and waiting to be of service, guiding or helping organize trips before you go on your trek. We offer our guides for treks all over Nepal and can accommodate almost any request from the Annapurna circuit, to Everest Base Camp (EBC), or further afield to locations like Kanchenjunga Base Camp (KBC). With our guides you can experience the treks in the safety of locals who know the areas well, can impart knowledge and also know how to enjoy themselves with visitors.

Our program emphasizes on two areas: customer safety and customer satisfaction. We understand that the safety and satisfaction of our clients help us to strengthen the long-term vision of our company. So we guarantee both of these factors when providing any of our packages.

Our aim in the off-season is to focus on the Nepali youth to offer a program that is rewarding as an experience. It will give them the tools to further their personal development in whatever walk of life they choose to follow. It will be implemented through educating them in an enjoyable, natural and spiritually rewarding environment.

Come have fun with us!

214 Kesarmahal Marg, Thamel-29, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal


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