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alobar1000 hostel

Your home in Nepal


Alobar1000 is the first hostel in Kathmandu. We have set the trend to have a true experience of backpacking in Nepal. We are proud to say that we are one of the few hostels to bring real social atmosphere in town. If you are a social person, come visit us. You will leave a happy person. We have been labeled as the young travelers hub of Kathmandu by many. We are almost like a base camp for your travels in Nepal. You come and check in and meet other travelers and make plans with them to go trekking, hiking, bungy jumping, paragliding, safari trips, and also meditation. For some of you, one activity is enough and for others more the merrier. All in all, you make us your home and your pit stop points to store luggages and make more plans further on your journey. We are your home here in Kathmandu, Nepal. Search for Alobar1000 on Facebook for our updated activities. We offer one free activity everyday around 7pm on the rooftop. These activities are organized to make you familiar with Nepal. Some of the acitvities are Nepali culture class, game night, movie night, Language class, trekking info class, and night city tour.

Come join the family.



Check this video out.

This is Alobar version 2.0

This is our new location with improved facilities.

Alobar1000 is your Base Camp for your stay in Nepal.

Present moment

What is the purpose of life? This question has troubled almost a large portion of humanity since we knew how to use our minds. How far have we reached till now?

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