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Alobar1000 is based on the book Jitterbug Perfume written by famed American author Tom Robbins. The main character in this enchanting epic story is Alobar, who defies the concept of death, and through will, meditation, daily rituals, and love of his companion Kudra lives to be 1000 years old.

Thus the name "Alobar1000". 

This book has captured the hearts and imaginations of people all around the world, including ours... 

May we all live full, long, and happy lives together and forever!


From Alobar's inspiration, we came into existence in March of 2012. Just like him we want to celebrate life. Life is beautiful and that is the first truth we know. We believe that life is exactly what we make it out to be. Life is so full and juicy. Lets drink this juice and create magic. We aspire to share the joy of life right here and right now.  This is what we believe.

Post Covid, we moved to a new location with improved facilities for our guests. We hope you will enjoy.



I will be honest to you, Nepal is not in the best service providing countries in the world. That being said we care about what we do so we try to provide as many services as possible and try to do them good. We have daily events and activities to entertain our guests throughout the week. We hope we will not disappoint you.


24 hours 
HOT Shower

Considering I ended up marrying the man I met on Alobar1000 rooftop... I will give it a 5 star.

-Dani Rixon, USA

Best place I have stayed in so far: friendly and helpful staff, a great place to relax, great atmosphere. I warmly recommend to anyone to not evade Alobar1000.

Oh, the rooftop- INCREDIBLE! Thank you so much for this experience.

-Ivana Nedeljkov, SERBIA

I love Alobar1000. From the first impression to the last impression. The hostel is the TOP. Super warm, friendly staff, clean facilities , central location, amazing food and the fantastic rooftop makes this one of the best hostel I have stayed at. The price is very reasonable ...And its the best place you can meet people. I wish I could stay there longer as Alobar1000 family always welcome you as a member in a big family. Thanks for a great stay ... 

I will come back.

-Sophia Nguyen, VIETNAM


It was a wonderful stay and experience at Alobar. Thank you to the staff for providing with such an atmosphere where people from around the globe come, stay, make peace and collaborate. During the Nepal earthquake on 25th April 2015, Alobar folks formed an action team providing immediate relief to villagers around Kathmandu. The collaborative efforts helped us gather supplies, food, shelter and provide to the needy and affected ones. It was a life changing experience. Strongly recommend your support to this beautiful community. Alobar1000 is as close I could get to humanity.

-Sherjil, INDIA

Great community of interesting people to easily meet here. One of the best places to meet other travellers in Nepal. A must visit place in KTM!

Start your adventure in Nepal here.

-Scott Bishop, AUSTRALIA

An incredible sense of community at alobar. Amazing people, amazing facilities, and truly amazing what they're doing for the people of Nepal in this crazy time.

Keep it up!

-Tashi Townley, CANADA

Home away from home best describes Alobar1000. The Hostel is located in a small side street about a 5min. walk away from busy Thamel. It's a small oasis, where you can easily loose track of time. The Staff is incredibly friendly, helpful and will make you feel like being part of the family the moment you check in. They got a small bar area were you can enjoy a cold drink, listen to some tunes or just listen to everyones travel stories.

-Philip Schulte, GERMANY

Alobar is the warmest, most authentic place you'll ever find in Kathmandu! The rooms are well-maintained, the showers are warm, the rooftop is amazing! It is the best place to meet people and just let the days pass. Also, if you need any information about the city, or you want to organize a track, you should contact Dal Bhat Power (travel desk) team, they always give great advice and are generally very helpful, like all other staff of the hostel. In the last few months, Alobar really was my home away from home. I can't wait to be back soon!!!

-Marizha, SERBIA

This is the place in Kathmandu where you will feel the RIGHT ENERGY. All staff makes you feel home. The roof top is the best place to chill, with good music and meeting people from all around the world. 
There is a variety of rooms and prices and all very comfortable.
You can find many people to trek with and at Alobar 1000 you will find the Dal Bhat Power Adventures Travel Desk, the trek and activities agency that will help you with any trek or activity you want to do.

Best: the staff and it's human quality. When I left Alobar, I took all of them in my heart and they will stay forever.

-Berta (Kanchi), SPAIN

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